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We have found that many customers appreciate the benefits of not having to order, quantitate and then dilute their sequencing primers themselves. To accommodate this, we are pleased to offer a service where we will order your sequencing primers, quantitate and dilute them and then use them to sequence your templates. We will then keep them safely here for your future use.  

We encourage you to review the information below prior to requesting custom primers.


Special Considerations

Custom primer synthesis is provided as an adjunct service to sequencing within the MRC PPU DNA Sequencing and Services facility. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot provide custom oligomers (primers) as a general supply. 

Please note that this service does not include design of primer(s). We ask that customers identify optimal primer sequences for their template and supply the primer sequence to us. We encourage them to review the information in our resource pages around primer design if they are new to this step. Ultimately one cause of poor sequencing results is indeed poor primer design, thus please consider your design carefully as the MRC PPU DNA Sequencing and Services facility cannot be held responsible for such problems. However, if you have your primer designed with us, should there ever be a concern regarding the quality of the oligonucleotide, we will take that up with our supplier.

Storage of Custom Primers

We are happy to store those primers that customers have requested generation of by MRC PPU DNA Sequencing and Services. Information pertaining to these custom primers will be retained in your file and in our freezers for 1 year. Should you wish us to send you the primer once we have used it for your sequencing, we are more than happy to do this (please note that shipping and handling fees will apply).

Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, those primers which customers send to us in excess cannot be stored for more than 2 weeks.  

  • If you anticipate routine use of a custom primer that you have shipped to us or need it stored by our facility for longer than 2 weeks, please contact us to discuss this further.  



  • Custom primer synthesis prices will reflect the size of the primer – the cost to the customer is £0.50 per base and includes the following services:
    • Ordering of custom primer (upon receipt of sequence from customer)
    • Assessment of concentration and purity of primer
    • Diluting primer to appropriate concentration for reaction
    • Storage of primer on file and in facility freezer for 1 year

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Please note that prices are exclusive of VAT, which customers outside The University of Dundee will be charged at the appropriate rate (currently 20%) on all products and that all sales are subject to MRC PPU DNA Sequencing and Services' Terms and Conditions.

Turnaround Time

Though we do not make the primers ourselves, we do utilise a supplier who has historically demonstrated rapid turnaround of synthesis and shipment. However, please note that delays can occur from time to time. Should there be a delay that we are made aware of, we will inform you as soon as we can. 

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