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We currently have five staff, headed by Gary Hunter. Working closely as a team we undertake all the day-to-day operations within the facility, such as intake and processing of samples, data analysis and financial tracking – and of course, customer service!

We are a dynamic team always looking for a challenge.


Gary Hunter

Name: Gary Hunter

Title: Facility Manager

Year Joined: 2002

I’m a Dundonian graduate of the University of Dundee who has worked in the service since 2002. I was very excited to join Life Sciences here as a local boy and am proud that my development has paralleled that of the service itself – we now process 10 times more than when I started. As Facility Manager, I am happily dedicated to continuing the very high standards set by my mentor. It’s been a fascinating journey as we’ve moved from electrophoresis based to capillary based sequencing and I’ve developed a wide range of alternative protocols and know-how which I enjoy sharing with our customers. The service is a great place to work as part of a wonderful team and each day brings a new challenge. When I’m not at work I’m a family man and I enjoy walking my dog and a generally quiet life….when life allows!

Nick Helps

Name: Fiona Traynor

Title: Senior DNA Sequencing and Services Technician

Year Joined: 2011

I grew up on the beautiful Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and after secondary school moved to Glasgow to obtain my BSc before later on moving to Dundee to undertake my Masters degree. I joined the facility to continue my scientific career and my role combines routine sequencing work and doing customer invoicing and account management. I’ve learned a range of skills since joining from basic DNA sequencing sample prep to everything about finance that can help me answer complex customer questions about their accounts and I’m proud to be part of a system that helps our customers get an excellent service. I enjoy working in the facility as it’s a busy environment where teamwork is key and we do all get on really well together in our group. In my spare time I enjoy going to the cinema and local book group, making a variety of arts and crafts and spending quality time with my husband.

Dawn Rooney

Name: Dawn Rooney

Title: DNA Sequencing and Services Technician

Year Joined: 2002

I was born and educated in Dundee where after several years in industry I enjoyed being a full-time mother for my 3 children. When I returned to paid work it was initiaIly to the service industries before I successfully applied for a junior role in DNA Sequencing and Services.  It has worked out really well and my role has evolved – I’m now proficient in most areas of the service with a key role in plate preparation. My experiences elsewhere have sharpened my time management and attention to detail and it’s nice to have that discipline valued within the team. In my spare time my hubbie and I love spending time with our grandchildren – and then love handing them back! 


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