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As part of the registration process, we collect some personal information about you and your establishment. This information is only used by us in relation to the work we undertake for you and to keep you informed of important news about The Sequencing Service. We will not provide this information to third parties.  Our practices are in keeping with The Data Protection Act of 1998.


  • "We/Us" means "MRC PPU DNA Sequencing and Services" as defined on this website.
  • "Customer" means anyone who requests products from us and has entered into a contract with us.
  • "Contract" means the contract between us and the customer covering the supply of products by us to the customer.


Personal Data Collected 

The following customer data is collected by us as part of the formation of a contract between our customers and us and is necessary for us to enter into said contract with the customer. In addition, some of this data is also collected each time customers request products from us (either via our web site or via written purchase orders):

  1. The customer's full name
  2. The customer's full mailing address
  3. The customer's email address.
  4. The customer's access username and password.
  5. The customer's invoice contact and address if different from 1. and 2.


The following information is logged by our web and mail servers when customers contact us by these means:

  1. The internet protocol address (IP address) of the computer used to send the request.
  2. The version of web browser and the computer operating system used to send the request.
  3. The email address of the requestee.


What the above information is used for:

The information collected above is used solely to implement our contract with the customer (Setting up of an account with us, supplying of goods by us and the issuing of invoices by us) and is not disclosed to any third party or used for any other purpose other than is needed for our business.


Where the above information is kept:

The above information is maintained on the server logs and is used solely by us and only available to us.

If you have further questions or want to see the personal data we hold:

If you require further information or clarification of any of the statements made above, please contact us. We respect the personal privacy of our customers and their right to access the information held about them by us. Any customer wishing to obtain a copy of the information about them held by us should contact us (in writing) asking for the information. A charge of £10 sterling is levied for each request.


The Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act 1998 (hereafter referred to as "The Act") is a statutory act of the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Act defines what types of data are allowed to be collected, how they should be stored and what can and cannot be done with that information. In particular The Act states that personal data relating to individuals must be stored securely and only used for legitimate purposes. Full text of The Act can be found using the link on the left of this page.



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